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How I create Proposals, Contracts, & Invoices as a Freelancer

The biggest unknown I had when I first started my business -- was how would I keep all my projects organized? How would I send invoices to clients, what content should even be in a contract or proposal?

This is a side of starting your own business that definitely steers people away from taking the big leap, and it was an aspect of being a business owner that stressed me out just at the thought of it.

After scavenging through Youtube videos, and a LOT of googling, I finally found a platform that could do it all for me! The platform is called Bonsai. Bonsai is like the bible for freelancers, creating “Bulletproof contracts, e-signing, proposals & invoicing software used by 200000+ top freelancers.”

For as little as $19 per month -- I get access to a ton of templates and already carefully crafted & written content that I can edit and send off to my clients in SECONDS.

All my projects are organized under a tab called “Projects” and each project has its own task section, a place to store documents, store your own notes, track your time, expenses, and invoices.

This site is my holy grail that makes the business side of freelancing a breeze so I can keep designing and creating.

I highly recommend checking out this platform if you yourself are a freelancer and looking for a great way to organize your business & stay on track! I was so excited to become a Bonsai Affiliate, and even more excited to share my code with you! By using this link: you will get your first 2 weeks of Bonsai FREE, so you can check it out and begin utilizing the platform. Bonsai has saved me so much stress & time, so I can keep doing what I love. Let it do the same for you!

-Emelia Jane

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